March - November 2024

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...In our most private and most subjective lives
we are not only the passive witnesses of our age,
and its sufferers, but also its makers.
We make our own epoch.

– CG Jung, CW 10

At the end of the Certificate Course, the participant will continuously explore, deepen and enliven one’s life through Jungian and Depth Psychology. The Self as Story-teller emerges,

  • who is delighted with the discovery of the depth of the Self;

  • the archetypes, stories and myths that dwell deep within;

  • the symbols and images that wait to be unlocked;

  • and the ancient human whose wisdom has much to share with the present world.

The participant will be enlivened to explore how this Self can be expressed in the world.

Three Subjects covered in this Course:



This first subject is an introduction to the nature and structure of our psyche: the Conscious and the Unconscious. It presents the psychological dynamics between these two realms. A major contribution of Jung is the concept of the Individuation process, a growing to self. This gives us an appreciation of the psychological work and courage needed as we discover our individual selves and our unique gifts to the world, beyond personal life scripts provided for us by family and community.

In this subject, key concepts related to the psyche are covered, including the Complex, the Persona, the Shadow, the Anima and Animus. The Shadow, as a powerful layer, can remain in the Unconscious, unless brought to one’s attention. Remaining unrecognized, the Shadow can provoke unguarded and perplexing situations

An awareness of the Archetypes that are present within us, gives us critical knowledge of what provides vitality in our lives. For instance, a person may well be in his 40’s or 50’s, but the Puer, or the youthful self, lives on, upending relationships in this stage of his life.



This second subject highlights that we are mythopoetic beings. “To be human is to be storied” to quote Dr. Dennis Slattery. Within our psyche lies many stories.

Stories are embedded in our Unconscious. Stories that have come from thousands of years ago, and across cultures and worlds. These inner stories can be uncovered through the pathway of vibrancy and resonance with symbols and metaphors using ancient and classic stories. In Subject 2, participants will deal with a Philippine epic, Greek epics, fairy tales, folk tales and dreams. They serve as springboards towards self-reflection. They mirror images, characters, symbols and story lines that lead to psychological truth and deep insights. (If you identify with this fairy tale, which aspect of you is Beauty? Which aspect is Beast?).



The third subject connects one’s deep discoveries of self with the outer world.

Contexts are suggested as the world is viewed through a Depth Psychology and Jungian lens. Connecting with nature from a soul level, and summoning leads and inspirations using creativity and imagination are active approaches for bridging with the world.

A Soul Project that highlights One’s Story is each participant’s culminating activity. In the language of The Hero’s Journey, one brings one’s boon (one’s gift of self) back to the kingdom where one resides, thereby enriching the kingdom.

Participants emerge with fresh perspectives about their involvement in vital concerns in their life stages.


A roster of over 20 faculty from the academe and professionals, including experts from the California-based Pacifica Graduate Institute, are joined in by resource speakers for three core subjects covering key Jungian and Depth psychology principles… 

  • conscious and unconscious elements of the psyche; 

  • symbols and mythopoetic expressions; 

  • creativity and active imagination as approaches for bridging with various fields of human endeavors.


Photo credit: Soul Project of Jay Batoon

Soul Project Presentation

As a culminating requirement, participants create Soul Projects that crave to be manifested by way of creative expressions.

The Soul Projects often highlight the participants' awakening to dimensions mainly from the unconscious and consciously integrating these into their lives, lending more meaning as well as delight in day-to-day affairs.