Study Sessions


The Handless Maiden

A FAIRYTALE DRAMA by Eliza Wangerin, MA
Jungian Psychoanalyst
Saturday April 27, 2024

Time: 2.00 pm to 5.30 pm

Venue: Park Terraces Condominium, Arnaiz Ave. cor. West St., Makati
(Function Room 2, Ground Floor)

Fee: P1,000, payable to Ruby Paurom, GCash 09175891113,
by April 20

Register: 0917 512 3763

“When an archetype becomes conscious it is a process of incarnation.”
(MLVF Apoleius, Golden Ass ch4 p1)

In this workshop we are going to enact a fairy tale, an opportunity not only to enjoy the fairy tale but also to bring the tale alive. In enacting the tale, we are making it conscious, participating in its incarnation. Participants will get into the character, feeling it with ones body,ones senses, experiencing deep archetypal themes in the tale. Through ones personal emotional reactions, archetypal figures can be made alive.

The landscape of the fairy tale is important. It is a landscape where animals speak, stones, trees speak, where we meet giants and dwarves, a world seemingly other but very close to us.

In fairy tale drama we create this landscape. We imagine together, and watch what is constellated in the unconscious. We want to find what our connection is to the tale, culturally and in our own personal life. We want to find the symbols and experience them, find out how they touch us, what happens to us in the interaction with the symbol. The symbol is the healing object, the transcendent function as Jung calls it.

We will enact “The Handless Maiden” the story of the feminine and her redemption. A task so necessary today. The tale is about a father who made an unconscious deal with the devil, and in a way “sold” his daughter. Then the feminine journey starts. Through suffering, she is redeemed, and we have a coniunctio at the end. 

Maria Makiling by Jon Altomonte

Expanding into Anima Mundi Through Omnisensum Therapy

with Jon Altomonte, Artist and Oms Therapist
Saturday, April 27, 10am - 11:30am via Zoom
FEE: P200 by April 20 to Ruby Paurom Gcash 0917 589 1113

OmniSensum Therapy (OmS) draws on the principles of Anima Mundi to help individuals experience homeostasis of the psyche. Anima Mundi is an integral philosophy within OmS, as the clearing and balancing of internal energies facilitated during the therapeutic processes creates interconnectedness between elements of the personal psyche and with the Soul of the World's life force. OmS is a journey of attunement to the deeper, universal currents of existence and the integration of self-actualisation and self-realisation processes that amplify the experience of individuation.


Liwayway Magazine, Komiks and the Filipino

by Cookie Guerrero

March 9, 2024 / 10:00AM TO 11:30 AM
via Zoom

This study session is a personal story telling by Cookie Guerrero. Her grandfather, Ramon Roces, founder of Liwayway Magazine,
featured comic strips by Filipinos. One famous character is Kenkoy! Come and hear Cookie share what these comic strips mean to her, and her observations about comics and the Filipino.

• Study session fee is P200. Kindly confirm 09175123763 and pay on or before March 5.
Cash Ruby Paurom 09175891113. Thank you.