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THE Carl Jung Circle Center’s public workshops program is a major part of CJCC’s mission of advancing the depth psychology of Carl Gustav Jung among Filipinos. Offered to the public once a month, these in-person sessions of 1 to 4 days tackle simple but deep Jungian concepts such as dreams, myths, soul, shadow, individuation, synchronicity , mens and women’s psychology, midlife, death and rebirth and the like, all in relation to each participant, the community and the world.

Before a module is offered, The process of coming up with a module is a long and tedious one. The lead faculty not only does scholarly research, but also encounters the workshop theme in his or her own life, in this way gathering rich data not found in books . We aim to make our workshops more effective and “personal”, in this age of faster, bigger, better.

After lectures and activities, each participant’s process is looked at and commented on by the faculty and the co-participants.

Every year, we try to have something for everyone; men, women, couples, seniors, and varied themes from Enchantment, to Archetypes, to Spirituality.

An age minimum of 25 years is required.
For inquiries call Oliver 09228878757 / Ru 0917 8393990
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Webinars launched in 2020

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Soul Conversations

Our new video series aims to explore and share the language of CG Jung and our views of it, with Filipinos and the world. This video series is dedicated to all Filipinos, from all walks and status of life. The special language of Jung is of importance in learning about our individual Selves, our community, our Nation and our world.

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